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The New Holocaust In 2019

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The year was 1941, Poland invaded Germany and WW II was now a reality. Long before Television and Social Media stormed the airways, the news of what would become known as the Holocaust had spread around the world. The attacks were so horrendous that mankind could only try to master a new language describing what took placed amongst civilized society. The word Holocaust stems from a Greek word Holocaustic, a translation of a word in Hebrew pronounced “Olah” which means a sacrifice of fire or burnt sacrifice to God.............

According to the documents located in the United States and Jewish Holocaust Museum, there is no single wartime document to give an accurate number of deaths; however, some speculate in excess of 12 Million and some accounts even more. 

The following are the best estimates of deaths from the Nazi and their collaborators.  Number of Deaths all paid for by the government. .............

Fast forward to 2019 and turn on your television to hear the news of hate crimes and the rise of anti-Semitism. The desecration of a Jewish cemetery in France raised more than a little concern as France by way of history has been known for its overlay of anti-Jewish feelings since the 19th Century.
Jewish Parisians reported feelings of fear as several Jews had become targets of anti-Semitism. The French Government, as well as some 20,000 supporters, stood to show their support against such hate crimes...........To Read More.....

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