Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Bitterness of Leftism

By Rich Kozlovich

David Horowitz wrote an article about a man named Alex Cockburn who recently died of cancer and is described by Horowitz as dying as a ‘spiteful and bitter man’!  A man who was “anti-American and an anti-Semite and a cheerleader for “Islamo-fascists of Hizbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood bent on destroying us.” He went on to say he “devoted his life” to “the vile ideologies of the 1930s and 1960s”. A lifetime of devotion to a movement promoted by Karl Marx with its foundation in the horrors of the French Revolution, which is directly responsible for the deliberate murder of untold millions….. “in peacetime”.

A movement that over the last 100 years caused billions to be turned into miserable suffering slaves of leftist governments. He went on to say regarding his spiteful bitterness that, “This was the predictable fruit of a life spent badly in recrimination and anger.”

Dennis Prager is noted for stating that haters can’t be happy and happy people can’t be haters. Although the left is unendingly driving studies to prove that conservatism is a form of insanity; it is abundantly clear to me that the left must be where the insanity is rich. They all seem to suffer from a form of collective insanity, how else can anyone explain their affinity with such unending hatred for so many? That is completely and uncompromisingly strange. How can that then be considered anything except insanity?

They hate Jews, Christians and religion as a whole, unless the religion hates the same people they hate, as does Islam, who they love. They hate the police, the military, the government, the banks, Americans and America, business people, conservatives, everything that is stable and anyone else who disagrees with them. And as this article shows they will happily turn and rend one of their own for daring to step outside of leftist "borg-like" herd thinking. They will unendingly criticize the right for the smallest infraction of perfection, and yet they love socialist states and the Islamo-fascists who have imposed the most abusive tyrannies the modern world has known!  Especially since the historical record is replete with all of the abject and unbelievable failures of the very cause they promote. How is that sane?

That shouldn’t surprise anyone since herd thinking is one of the requirements of ‘the collective’, going back to the French Revolution. Why do they attack their own when they step out of line? Ask why did the French Revolutionists have to murder the king and his family, along with all the other 'noble' families? There is a reason why that part of the revolution is called 'The Terror"! Ask why did the Russian Communists have to murder the Czar and his family? Why did all of these monsters deliberately murder tens millions of innocent citizens of their own nations? Can any other explanation other than insanity as an explaination for such actions?

On the right you will see abundant disagreement without brutal recrimination, unless of course your name is John McCain, but who ever said he was on the right, or very bright? Not to mention the fact that being a war hero doesn’t give you a pass on the rest of life, especially since he was vindictive right up until the point of his death.

Since the leftists have spewed out hate all of their lives, one has to wonder; what must that do to their health? It is known that our mental attitudes impact our physical health. When we harbor strong negative feelings, such as anger or hate, chemicals are released into the body which is destructive to the body. When we harbor strong positive feelings of love, kindness and happiness the body releases other chemicals that are beneficial promoters of good health. I think that we can assume that the bitterness and unhappiness these people feel is deserved, and they have brought it on themselves?

The thing I wonder about with these people is this. As atheists, what goes on in their heads as they lay there painfully dying? My guess is that the only regret they have is that they can’t have those they have hated for all these years right there beside them, suffering too; miserable to the end. And they won’t even be missed by the "borg-like" leftists of their collective since there is always some other foolish, hateful leftist salivating to take his place. And those who finally have the opportunity to take his place will be happy he’s dead.

After all….they’re leftists too.

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