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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Policy Is Correct, But Communicated Horribly

By 21, 2018

Trump Criticized For Breaking With Longstanding American Tradition Of Remaining In Middle Eastern Countries Indefinitely,” joked the Babylon Bee upon the news President Donald Trump is bringing troops home from Syria, but the joke wasn’t far from the truth at all.
The news deeply angered the Washington foreign policy consensus, which argues that troops should stay in the region indefinitely even though the stated mission of defeating ISIS has been accomplished.

It’s true that Trump’s decision to depart Syria was sudden and poorly communicated. Viewed one way, however, it was not a complete surprise. Since at least 2013, Trump has repeatedly argued against the idea we need a sustained conflict in Syria:..........To Read More....

My Take - Actually, there’s a lot of support out there, and their arguments are far better than those who are embracing the status quo of unending involvement in the Middle East with no solution in sight, no definable mission, and no end goal. 

In many of my comments I’ve said we’re ending the Bretton Woods era of being the world’s policeman and the guarantor of the world’s economy, at the expense of our own economy and putting young American lives in harms way. This is just one more example of that reality.  If we keep that in mind everything Trump is doing makes sense. 
As for his communicating his intentions badly, that’s a false narrative since no matter how he communicates what he's going to do he’s going to be attacked by his opponents from both parties, and it’s been interesting to watch those who wanted this done now attacking him for doing it, and the mental gymnastics they’re adopting is interesting to watch, ultimately neutering them.
By just doing it and then letting the Trump Derangement Syndrome kick in he can then stand back and watch the fireworks that makes the left look like fools, and neuter the RINO’s.
One more thing. It’s my view we’ll be leaving a lot of places where we're wasting our capital and our young men.  Afghanistan is next, and there will be far fewer military in Europe and Asia.  The day is soon coming when the only time we’re going to jump into any fray is when there’s clear evidence that involvement will benfit America. 
We need to get this. We don’t need the rest of the world, economically or militarily.  And all this clabber about these big bad enemies like Russia and China, that’s scaremongering from the left and the neo-cons to attack and undermine Trump, and each have their own reasons for that attack.  Those two countries don’t have the economic wherewithal, or the motivation to attack anyone but weak neighbors and bellow against the wind.  They’re broke and any downturn in the world’s economy and both will flounder. 

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