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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Suspects try to steal $1,600 in tools from a local store. Then six armed customers surround them.

That didn't go as planned

By Sarah Taylor December 27, 2018

Two unnamed men reportedly walked into a Marysville, Washington, store on Saturday and lifted four nail guns that retailed around $400 a piece. When the suspects — ages 22 and 23 — left the store and got into their car, at least six armed customers surrounded the vehicle with their weapons drawn. When one of the suspects reportedly tried to drive away despite being surrounded, the other suspect said, "He won't shoot, run him over." The suspect who was driving attempted to pull away and did reportedly strike one of the armed customers, causing him to land on the hood of the getaway vehicle.

What are the police saying?

Saturday, the Marysville Police Department tweeted a request that the customers involved in the stand-off to come forward and provide statements........those involved in the altercation would come forward and do the right thing.......To Read More.....

My Take - What about the criminals?  Does he expect them to come forward also?  No one is going to come forward because anyone who talks to the police about shooting a gun in that situation will be charged with some crime or other and prosecuted by the city.  They say that even if they fired their weapons legally they have the obligation to stay and talk to authorities.  Okay, and that will accomplish what?  They have security tapes, they know the driver attempted to run one of the people over, and how about a little praise for stopping criminal activity?  Make no mistake about this: It's my view this police department will never find a legal use for firing a weapon in a public arena, even it was in an effort to save lives. 
I will admit, it is of concern when anyone discharges a weapon in a public arena, but I see a lot of concern over the people who stopped the crime and nothing on the crimnals.  They have the car, they must know who they are, and yet the whole story is on those who stopped the crime.  I hope there's more on this as I would like to follow these events to their conclusion. 

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