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Friday, December 28, 2018

Democrats React To Martha McSally's Appointment To U.S. Senate

Matt Vespa | December 18, 2018
Well, it looks like Martha McSally will be a U.S. Senator after all. Despite reports that McSally’s stock was falling among Arizona Republicans, Gov. Doug Ducey decided to appoint her to fill the remainder of the late Sen. John McCain’s term. She will be serving with her 2018 opponent Senator-elect Kyrsten Sinema (via AZ Governor’s Office):..........To Read More.....
My Take - The real story?  The McCain's were opposed to her being appointed, as if the seat belonged to the McCain family and it was their right to have a say in who got the appointment.   When the son in law, Ben Domenech,  shot off his mouth over this I sort of expected him to make the choice he did.  Ben Domonech, has some issues with credibility by the way. 
It was the thinking among some that when McCain was dying and wouldn't resign it was because he was trying to get the Gov. to appoint his wife to fulfill his term.  Gov. Ducey didn't, and as a conservative, it's was assumed his attitude was "that's just what the nation needs, another McCain in the Senate for two more years."
Well, Gov. Doug Ducey told the McCain family to take their views and shove em and appointed a conservative.  Now, I think that's the real story.  I think that's the end of the McCain's in Arizona politics, and hopefully his daughter Meghan will go home also.  She only appears to be a conservative because she's on the View and the rest are so far left she almost appears sane.  What I wonder at - who watches that show?

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