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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Chuck Schumer speaks with forked tongue on illegal immigration

Hypocrisy is the New York Senate minority leader's middle name. Get a load of what he was saying in 2009 on the need for a border wall, that same border wall he's shutting down the government in order to block.

December 29, 2018 By Monica Showalter

As the government shutdown goes on over the Senate's failure to fund a border wall (and a new caravan is forming to enter illegally because of it), the man most responsible for the political gridlock, New York Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer, has dug in his heels and insisted there will never be a border wall. On principle, and as a "moral issue," and all that. Away he piously intones.

There's just one problem. He doesn't believe any of it. Journalist Ryan Saavedra has found him saying the exact opposite in a windy speech less than a decade ago, showing how phony his current argument is. Get a load of him then: ............ To Read More


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