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Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Hysteria From America-Last Liberals

Another week of insane demagoguery from the open borders crowd.

George Neumayr December 21, 2018

Before the Trump presidency, the media might have hesitated to hype a story about illegal immigrants who drag a sickly child through the desert, then retain advocates and lawyers who blame her death on the country they tried to enter. But since any stick will do against Trump, CNN and company couldn’t resist peddling that outrageous storyline.

American border officials had in fact gone to great expense and trouble to chopper the Guatemalan child to a hospital and provide the best possible care to her. But you would have never known that from the headlines.............The child’s cardiac arrest, dehydration, and septic shock was due to the deprivation of water and food in parental, not American, custody.

Yet the media has spent days giving open-borders hacks a platform to blame the child’s death on the Trump administration............ the seven-year-old hadn’t died in a “family detention center” but in the desert with her father, the piece rattled on about the lack of “pediatric providers” at border facilities.

Such twisted polemics are now daily fare in the media....Tucker Carlson was bound to get into trouble for speaking indisputable truths about the mess on the border............Carlson put his finger on the game at work: “..........Our immigration policy exists for the profit and the comfort of a relatively tiny number of people. Everybody else gets shafted.  The left is always on the hunt to find truth-tellers and punish them. ............In truth, they speak for a shrinking, deluded elite, who listen to sophomoric podcasts about the glories of illegal immigration and the dangers of walls while they drive home safely past the gates of their mansions..........To Read More.....

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