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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mattis was no good

December 21, 2018 By David Archibald

American Thinker readers were warned about General Mattis over a year ago in this article.  Briefly, Mattis was and remains a supporter of global warming.   The issue of global warming continues to be a reliable and simple litmus test. If someone believes in global warming, then you can be sure he is a globalist who loathes Western civilization.

Then there was his support for the Islamist Anne Patterson, loathed by the Egyptian people for her support for the Muslim Brotherhood.   Then there was the matter of allowing one of his underlings to throw Fox Company, of Task Force Spartan in Afghanistan in 2007, under bus so he could advance his own career.............Mattis argued the case for staying in Afghanistan, overriding Trump's gut instinct.  There is no point in staying in Afghanistan.  When someone stops paying for the imported grain that allows Afghanistan's population to double every 25 years, then Afghanistan will collapse.  Mattis's reasoning for staying in Afghanistan is that we either fight them there or fight them here.  The opposite is true.  By continuing to feed them, we are creating more future terrorists.  The way to keep this country safe is to forbid them to enter........... Read more

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