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Monday, December 31, 2018

The Implosion of Professor Peterson

William Walter Kay BA LL B

(Editor's Note:  The thoughts expressed here are the writers alone.  I'm not knowledgeable enough about this character to make any critical comments or judgments.  However, I've always found William's work to be well researched, well referenced and exemplary.  RK)

Jordan was born in 1962 in Fairview, Alberta (population 3,000). His dad was a teacher; his mom a librarian. During his teens, and possibly beyond, Jordan was an NDP zealot. This “I’m not stopping” photo betrays the man.

After graduating from Fairview High (1979) Jordan studied Poli-Sci at Grande Prairie Regional College for two years before transferring to the University of Alberta (Edmonton) where he earned a BA (1982). Low grades and a poor LSAT score torpedoed foundational dreams of a legal career; leaving Jordan despondent, even homicidal.

Jordan stayed at U of A; defaulting his major to what was then Canada’s academic catch-basin, Psychology. Transferring credits and completing requisite courses fetched a second BA (Psych) in 1984.

From 1985 to 1991 Jordan studied at Montreal’s McGill University. After getting his Ph.D. he haunted McGill’s halls for three additional years as a Post-Doc before being rescued by a professors’ assistant posting at Harvard. Four years later he landed a teaching professorship at U of Toronto. Despite fictionalised autobiographical accounts of a varied, storied career; Jordy’s a schoolie.

Even his masthead boast about being a Clinical Psychologist is largely bogus. His clinical (private practice) work was a minor sideline. In Map of Meaning (1999) he bemoans his lack of clinical experience. Since then teaching paid the bills. Sorties into the media, writing, and a self-help publishing venture left little room for private practice. When his celebrity career took off he abandoned his few clients. (Although, he found time to stalk one of them.)

Peterson’s grooming by state broadcasters began in 2004 when TV Ontario produced a 13-part series based on Map of Meaning. Viewers tuned-out in droves.

Pre-2016 Map of Meaning sold 500 copies; mostly compelled sales to pupils. Although Peterson toiled daily on the book from 1986 to 1999 what the consumer buys is a neurotically repetitive copy-and-paste job half filled with page-long quotations from a handful of hoary authors supplemented by: self-indulgent retellings of Jordan’s dreams; mundane anecdotes from Jordan’s life; and lengthy letters penned by Jordan to his father. Elsewhere the book is a rehash of Joseph Campbell’s popularisations of Sir James Fraser’s comparative mythology. The same drawing of the ‘Dragon of Chaos’ re-appears 40 times! Map of Meaning reads like a transcript of some sidewalk crackpot’s delirious ravings.


In 2012-3 Peterson co-wrote the UN document: A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies through Sustainable Development – Report of the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons. This project, launched by Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon and British PM David Cameron, involved four conferences. Panelists included: John Podesta, Jeffrey Sachs, Horst Kohler and Queen Rania.

The Report, which Peterson co-wrote without protest, stresses placing sustainable development at the core of economic planning. Governments are implored to mitigate climate change and “foster sustainable consumption and production patterns.” The Report promotes social inclusion and gender equality, adding:

“The universal human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants must be respected. The migrants make a positive contribution to their host countries by building up their labour force.”


Following his UN gig Peterson began uploading his lectures onto YouTube; attracting scant attention. Then a miracle…

On September 27, 2016 Jordan posted the video: “Professor against political correctness.” Within 24 hours, Canada’s main newspaper chain’s flagship, National Post, ran an article plugging the video. Two days later “As it Happens” – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s weekday evening radio show (1.6 million weekly listeners) – interviewed Peterson, again plugging the video. CBC re-ran this show online titled “I’m not a bigot” accompanied by a flattering photo of Peterson.

This set the stage for Peterson’s October 11, 2016 Free Speech Rally on U of T campus which, despite the hype, drew only a few dozen onlookers. The rally predictably drew a gaggle of outraged trannies with zer noisemakers; making for dramatic footage which CBC cast across the land.

A search of “Jordan Peterson” on CBC archives yields 523 hits, including 309 news pieces, and now a full documentary. Canada’s leading newspaper, The Globe and Mail, references Peterson 280 times. Jordan has received favourable coverage from: New York Times, Washington Post, Esquire, GQ, Oprah Magazine and Hearst etc. He has been given lengthy spots on BBC, NPR and Bill Maher etc.

Google Trends graphs Peterson’s late-2016 ignition and early-2017 blast-off.

While billed as a populist Internet sensation, Peterson is, in fact, a mainstream media balloon. Even his Internet success was amped.

In December 2016 Peterson began podcasting. Weeks later he hired a team to record his class-room lectures. These were edited and disbursed across the web. Then YouTube’s gnomes went to work.

Peterson’s mug-shot became ubiquitous in YouTube’s spontaneous suggestion columns. Persons not remotely interested in Peterson were persistently shunted to an array of cookie-cutter YouTube sites that exist solely to publicise chosen e-celebs. Comments sections of Peterson’s scatterbrained lecture videos contain numerous complaints of “click-bait.”

Peterson is managed by Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the Los Angeles-based conglomerate with 2,000 operatives perched in gleaming glass towers in a dozen cities around the globe. Leonardo DiCaprio, Joe Biden, George Clooney and Van Jones are CAA clients. CAA went all-out mobilising the power of Hollywood for Hillary. CAA facilitated and covered-up Harvey Weinstein’s misdeeds.


Peterson foreshadowed his implosion in late 2017 when the burning issue was “de-platforming” i.e. student groups’ vigilante censoring of certain campus events. One Toronto target of de-platforming was activist/journalist/politician Faith Goldy.

A panel discussion on “Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses” originally scheduled for Toronto’s Ryerson campus was, due to security concerns, rescheduled to Canada Christian College on November 11, 2017. Faith and Jordan were to be star panelists.

With Peterson’s complicity Faith was de-platformed from the event. Peterson upheld Faith’s de-platforming on the weasel-worded grounds that her recent interview of white nationalists showed, in his opinion, “lack of journalistic responsibility” (a hitherto unheard of grounds for de-platforming). This was rich coming from Peterson who had been repeatedly photographed cavorting with white nationalists.

Peterson’s reputation received another dent on October 5, 2018.

At the height of the controversy surrounding sexual misconduct allegations against then Supreme Court Justice Nominee, Brent Kavanaugh, Peterson tweeted:
“If confirmed Kavanaugh should step down.”
Stefan Molyneux found the tweet “incomprehensible.” Others in Molyneux’s milieu expressed similar dismay; some finding Peterson’s calls for Kavanagh’s resignation particularly galling given that Professor Peterson himself had weathered three sexual harassment allegations.

Owen Benjamin delivers the best critique of the Kavanaugh faux pas. On the day preceding the tweet Peterson did a three-hour show with Dr. Oz. Apparently, CAA is negotiating with Harpo/SONY about a “Dr. Jordan Show.” CAA and Harpo/SONY wanted a sign that Peterson was politically onboard. The tweet – a middle finger to Peterson’s erstwhile conservative compatriots – served this purpose.

At this time it came to light that Peterson had been invited to a Trilateral Commission meeting (November 16-8, Ljubljana, Slovenia). The Trilateral Commission is an exemplar of the globalist policies loathed by Peterson’s base. News of Peterson’s attendance sent out another shock wave of bewilderment.

After the Trilateral Commission revelation sleuths unearthed Peterson’s past UN activities and his ongoing drug abuse. The latter issue constitutes another rift because many in the movement condemn Big Pharma’s anti-depressant pill pushing. Peterson, conversely, brags about ingesting daily doses of a Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor and Wellbutrin. His plans to consume potent anti-depressants for the rest of his life. He hooked his kids. Rumors that he stopped doping are false; however, he did cutback after experiencing debilitating side effects.

Another uncovered oddity: Peterson’s house is plastered with huge paintings of revolutionary communist leaders. (He also named his daughter “Mikhaila” to honour Gorbachev.) Even within anti-communist circles, Peterson is discordantly shrill. At almost every public engagement he rails about the atrocities of communism. He has publically threatened contemporary Marxists with violence. Why would someone like that surround himself with artwork glorifying communism? It doesn’t make sense. It seems… schizophrenic.

Make no mistake, Peterson suffers severe mental health problems. Watch this 90-second clip from 2018:

Further examples of bizarre behaviour can be readily had. Peterson is a pathologically dishonest braggadocio. He claims to work the equivalent of four full-time jobs. He claims to have gone (a world record breaking) 28 days without sleep. He claims to subsist exclusively on beef.

Canada’s deep state and media party dread an uprising of angry white men incensed by immigration. Canada has outdone every Western country with open-border policies aimed at lowering wages and fracturing cultural solidarity.

Policing domestic politics is the remit of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). Since at least 2009 CSIS’s “academic outreach” department has been running thought experiments past select professors regarding domestic threats related to “identity politics.” A main crisis scenario envisions white nationalists targeting visible minority immigrants. Accessible commentary on these contemplations trail off in vague references to “preventative strategies.” Thus, in the years preceding Peterson’s ascension, deep state officials cultivated stratagems aimed at forestalling groundswells of white nationalist men.

Controlled Opposition is an ancient tack.

Pre-September 2016 Peterson neither espoused right-wing populist views nor involved himself in the then burgeoning Alt-right scene. He was an obscure opportunistic prof obsessed with tedious Jungian formularies. In anything, he leaned globalist centre-left.

Post-September 2017 Peterson was the revered father figure to a restless ferment of Alt-right leaning young men. No original tunes accompanied his rise. He sampled decades-old talking points from self-help gurus and men’s rights authors; embroidered, of course, with yarns of Peterson’s signature pseudo-intellectual psycho-babble.

CAA wants to transform Jordy into the next Dr. Phil. This requires ditching right-wing populism – a process well underway. Peterson’s antics have alienated: Alex Jones, Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, Faith Goldy, Owen Benjamin, Stefan Molyneux and more. Vox Day just released an e-book exposing Peterson (Jordanetics).

Ultimately, the joke shall fall upon the mainstream media. Shorn of his populist creds, there’s nothing to recommend this man. Let the media mandarins have this gibbering crank.

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