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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

No Merry Christmas for Iranian Christians

December 25, 2018 By Ethel C. Fenig

Iranian Christians did not wish their fellow Iranians a Merry Christmas (kerismas mobārak in Farsi, the language of Iran) publicly this year.  Or last year.  Along with other religions in that country, such as Judaism, Bahai, Zoroastrian or other Muslim branches besides the Shia denomination of Islam, which is Iran's official religion, religious freedom there is increasingly restricted  according  to the 2018 United States International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) Report which revealed:.............

(Uh, yes, a religion has to be "recognized" by the Iranian regime in order for its followers to be allowed to even minimally practice.) An article by Lela Gilbert in the Jerusalem Post elaborates on this report.
Whatever faith one embraces in the Islamic Republic of Iran, if it is not Shi’ite Islam, it is incompatible with the mullahcracy that rules the country. That means there can be life-or-death risks for minority members who protest, defy the rules, speak too boldly, or otherwise offend the turbaned clerics who cling to power with their iron fists.
And the iron fist, turbaned clerics are easily offended.........To Read More.... 

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