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Monday, December 31, 2018

What I Don't Believe!

By Rich Kozlovich

It's now December 31, 2018.  It's the end of Trump's second year, and I have never seen so much insanity in all my 72 years, and I think the insanity is going to increase.

I believe the left hates Trump even when he does things they like.  The mental gymnastics they've done to criticize him for leaving Syria has been remarkable.  I believe the the RINO's and Neo-Cons hate Trump because he wants to dismantle a system that's made they and their friends wealthy.  In that, the left and the RINO/Neo-Cons, are in harmony and explains why they've been so cozy the last three years hoping to defeat Trump in the primaries and then in the 2016 election.   

The RINO/Neo-Cons are being exposed for who and what they are and that will help define who and what the Republican party is, and the direction they'll being going, at least for a while.  They're the reason the Republican party has been consistently called, and acted like, the Stupid Party. 

There's a lot of talk about draining the swamp and fixing the Deep State, but that would take a lot more than rolling back a few liberal left wing initiatives.  It requires an entire restructuring of the liberal/leftist/progressive vision and central power governing structure and the initiatives they've insidiously imposed on the nation through regulations, spending and taxes. That can't be done without restructuring government by eliminating whole departments of the federal government. 

To fix it you must shrink it, and that must be done on a massive scale, and that includes eliminating the Departments of Labor, Energy, Education, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development and Transportation.  Combine Home Land Security and Veterans Departments with the Department of Defense.  Combine Agriculture and Interior.   Remember, the Post Office once was a Department, and now it's not, and it should be joined by those I've listed here, and that includes the frighteningly large number of agencies that work for those departments.  

As it is now, entirely too many "Americans" think government is the answer and not the problem.  As of now too many Americans don't think they're Americans; too many Americans hate America; too many Americans are remarkably ignorant of American history; too many Americans fail to realize how unique American style republican democracy is in all of world history; too many Americans graduate from school semi-illiterate; too many Americans graduate from college filled with false information and assumptions about how the world works, or should work, and are arrogant in their ignorance; too many Americans no longer are people of faith, and as a result have no moral foundation other than the latest philosophical flavor of the day. 
Is it any wonder society is being washed back and forth like waves crashing against the rocks to its destruction?  

Here's what I don't believe:
  • I don’t believe Social Security will there for my children and it may not be there for me for much longer. Social Security will no longer be self-funding by 2020 and bankrupt by 2030, and it will go bankrupt with the federal government owing the Social Security fund trillions of dollars they borrowed with non-redeemable bonds.
  • I don't believe our children and grandchildren will have a better life than we did.
  • I don’t believe Medicare and Medicaid can survive the decade.
  • I don’t believe crony capitalism will be less but more – especially since this pattern goes back to the Whiskey Act of 1791.
  • I don’t believe those who left California because they made a mess of it won’t attempt to make a mess of the states they moved to.
  • I don't believe spending billions will end poverty.
  • I don't believe spending billions will fix homelessness.  California spend billions to fix homelessness and it only dropped one percent.  Even if those billions amounted to only "two billion that would come to 1.3 million to get one person off the street".
  • I don't believe you can convince liberals their leftist philosophy has been the most irrational, misanthropic and morally defective belief system in all of world history.  In spite of the ongoing human disaster leftists imposed on Venezuela, millennials all want us to "Feel the Bern."
  • I don’t believe the national debt can be paid unless the government sells its assets - which amounts to 150 trillion dollars – and they won’t.
  • I don’t believe academia can be purged of its far left Frankfurt School aficionados unless we stop funding these universities with taxpayer dollars and student loans. They can't be fixed until they have to become self supporting for profit institutions.
  • I don't believe public education can be fixed until the federal government is forced out of it.
  • I don’t believe anything can be fixed until the 16th and 17th amendments are repealed.
  • I don't believe you can reduce corruption in government without term limits. 
  • I don't believe the federal judiciary will remember it's proper role until age and term limits are imposed. 
  • I don't believe diversity and multiculturalism, is anything more than a leftist scheme to undermine and destroy the American identity, the American culture, the American economy and overturn the U.S. Constitution.   
  • I don't believe the world's economy is stable.  The unending amount of debt the world's nations has accumulated, and continues to accumulate, is going to cause a worldwide economic depression.
  • I don't believe the EU will be in existence by 2030, and probably before that.  I'm guessing 2025 may be a more realistic year. 
  • I don't believe Europeans can tolerate the Muslim invasion much longer without civil war breaking out all over Europe.
  • I don't believe the Middle East or anywhere in the world that's dominated by Islam is fixable.
  • I don't believe Russia or China can withstand an international economic down turn, let alone a collapse.
  • I don't believe a nation that abandoned the moral foundations that made them great can survive. 
  • I don't believe large corporations are concerned about anything except the next quarterly report, and in no way will they support anything considered conservative, in their views, their actions or their philosophy, unless they can be paid to do so.
  • I don't believe any of the problems listed above can be fixed until public education is fixed.
  • I don't believe there is such a thing as man made climate change.
  • I don't believe green activists are anything but dishonest, irrational, misanthropic and morally defective. 
  • I don't believe leftism ever sleeps. 

Finally, I don't believe any of the things I've listed will be fixed, and I wish all I've said above wasn't true.  However, I really do wish everyone a wonderful, healthy, happy 2019. 

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