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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Why (Most) Right-Wing Intellectuals Hate Trump

By Deion Kathawa| December 25th, 2018

More than two years into President Trump’s historic presidency, it behooves us to think more deeply about a persistent sticking point in the political life of the nation: Why do (most) right-wing intellectuals loathe him? This kind of nearly unified opposition cries out for explanation. After all, it is not simply that all left-wing intellectuals oppose him; that is baked into the political cake, a totally banal reality. (Is water wet?) What is more interesting is why most right-wing intellectuals despise him, wish for his failure, derive such glee from “dunking” on him on social media and in their think pieces, and the like.

To understand this phenomenon, the late Harvard philosopher Robert Nozick’s essay, , “Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism? is a veritable treasure trove of insight. Nozick’s 1998 explanation of intellectuals’ opposition to capitalism is remarkably relevant and can be transplanted with only minor cosmetic changes to understand why the vast majority of right-wing intellectuals oppose Trump..........To Read More.....

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