Saturday, September 23, 2017

The FBI comes Calling… and Spying

By Adrian Vance September 22, 2017

The break-in by FBI agents of the Paul Manafort apartment in the Trump Tower, Manhattan should be prosecuted as an illegal entry and robbery with firearms, a very important embellishment in New York State.  No court order was issued or enforced.  This was a crime.

Where Mr. Manafort was not a suspect in a felony, the FBI action was totally inappropriate, disgusting and worthy only of Gestapo, SS or KGB thugs.  This is a clear indication of the way the “Establishment” wants to rule America.  These people are asking for a civil war on their terms.  Terms we must, and can, resist.  We must put an end to them and we can begin in 2018 by throwing every in out.  Every one…....To Read More...

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