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Good For Nothing Roger Goodell Has The Audacity to Scold POTUS?

By Andrew West September 24, 2017

Thanks to the liberal “resistance” to President Trump, there are a number of private citizens throughout the country who grown a bit too big for their britches.

Celebrities can almost get a pass for this sort of behavior. After all, they are reliant on the suspension of disbelief to make their millions, lending a clownish air of whimsicality to every unfortunate thing that comes slithering from their word holes. Hollywood’s liberal slant is more than just tolerated, it’s expected, and as long as these debutantes don’t take their hate to Kathy Griffin-esque levels of crazy, they are easily written off as attention mongers.

It’s when we turn to the heads of industry and successful, wealthy private individuals with some semblance of clout that we find ourselves most disgusted with the incessant need to undermine the authority of our elected leaders..........To Read More.....

My Take - I see some of this a bit differently.  The fact he 'scolded' the President of the United States is completely fine with me, except we have a double standard here.  If he'd done this over anything Obama did the media would have gone insane and the players would have jumped up and down demanding an apology - and this little worm would have issued it - almost in tears!

What I dislike about his comment is he had the nerve to declare Trump was  disrespectful to him, his league and his players.  Disrespectful?  Really?  Clearly he either doesn't understand what constitutes disrespect and who are the ones being disrespectful or he's a coward. 

It appears this clown  thinks football players - who are being paid obscene amounts of money to play a kids game - can do any stupid they like and no one - including the President of the United States  - can be allowed to call them on it. 

One more thing.  The vast majority of these snowflakes won't even be in the league in less than five years  - with the average being about two and a half years - and by the end of their first year out of the league - a large number of them will be broke, on drugs or in jail. 

NFL Appropriates Black Lives Matter’s Culture by Aiming Protests at Trump

By Andrew West September 24, 2017

The hypocrisy of the NFL has new reached extraordinary levels in the saga of the National Anthem and insubordinate athletes. Now, as President Trump has weighed in on the subject, admonishing the NFL owners and do-nothing commissioner of the league in a single speech, players across the nation are kneeling now in protest of the President…something that should anger the Black Lives Matter domestic terror organization.

But will it?

Colin Kaepernick’s purported reason for kneeling during the anthem was to protest the supposed unfair treatment of African Americans at the hands of the U.S. police force. Despite an undeniably large cache of evidence to the contrary, this anti-American “protest”, (read: Publicity stunt), spread like wildfire throughout the league, specifically among athletes in similar situations to Kaepernick’s.   Namely, those who otherwise would haves sportscasters wasting their breath on them......To Read More....

Some Wounded Warriors Can't Take a Knee, NFL

Daniel John Sobieski

Whenever I hear about NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem, I am reminded of the double amputees that have returned from America’s wars and the fact that while, because of their sacrifice over centuries, we are entitled to speak freely, none of us are entitled to a particular forum.

NFL players are employees of a larger organization, just like Curt Shilling was when ESPN fired him for what he thought was protected speech. The speech is protected. Your access to a particular forum is not. They are teammates in a sport that pays these allegedly oppressed spoiled brats millions. Their teammates may share a different view, so does the locker room become a game prep area or a debating society?

Does the field remain a sporting arena or a campaign rally? Those who take a knee were indeed given that right by many who no longer have knees and are privileged to take a knee in a sport paid for by millions of fans who may disagree with them and who paid to see a game, not a protest. Players who take a knee think they are being patriotic, when they are merely being elf-indulgent and selfish. Go rent out a stadium and invite people to pay just to see you take a knee and see if anybody shows up.............To Read More....

Kaepernickitis Is Rooted in Lies

By Trevor Thomas

Foolish athletes (and their like-minded playmates) should direct their political and social ire elsewhere. Instead, they’ve joined their Hollywood cohorts as mouthpieces for the Democratic Party.
Take Colin Kaepernick. His failed efforts at protesting during the National Anthem were predicated upon a lie. After his initial protest in the 2016 preseason, NFL Media reported:
“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”
In other words, Kaepernick has bought the lies of Black Lives Matter hook, line, and sinker. As I noted last year, the lie is this:............ More

Don't let media distort the NFL conflict
By Russ Vaughn September 25, 2017

There’s no question that President Trump tossed a live grenade into the NFL’s locker room during his Alabama speech the other night has set off countless secondary explosions throughout the league and across the media spectrum.

Too many in the left-wing media want to play down the fact that this entire mess began with one player, Colin Kaepernick, radicalized by his lefty girlfriend, demonstrating his support for the Black Lives Matter campaign against America’s police forces.

Now I can understand how young men in their physical prime could find this a sympathetic view, as many of them too frequently find themselves in direct conflict with America’s police due to alcohol and testosterone fueled incidents of physical violence, often involving their wives or girlfriends. However, the more important consideration is that BLM’s campaign against cops is not one that finds wide favor among the citizenry at large, the folks who support the NFL with their fandom.......... More

Boycott the NFL

There are no Jack Kemps here.

Jeffrey Lord September 25, 2017

As they say in baseball, play ball.  But apparently not in the NFL.  Instead of playing the game they are being paid millions to play, whole teams of the National Football League have decided instead to insult the fans who pay their salaries whether watching a game in person or on television.

The method of choice in insults is to refuse to honor all those who died to give these rich spoiled brats their opportunity to play a game they supposedly love. Brats who pretend to a social conscience when they don’t even have the courage to stand up off the field for a cause to which they give nothing but lip service.

One of the most inspiring bosses of my professional life was the late Jack Kemp. Jack was a football player’s football player. The quarterback for the Buffalo Bills who led them to two consecutive American Football League championships in 1964 and 1965, Jack was also totally committed to the Republican century-plus old demand for civil rights.......To Read More.....

Donald Trump, the person the media tells you at every turn is the dumbest guy in whatever room he is in, in just one weekend outflanked the left, the Democratic Party, the media, and the elites. Not only did Trump outmaneuver his political enemies, all the self-proclaimed enlightened people still haven’t caught on that he has taken them to school as they are too busy digging a deeper hole.

At issue, of course, are the President’s remarks over millionaire athletes taken a knee during the National Anthem before NFL games, a subject I have been writing about at The American Spectator since this phenomenon began. To make a long story short, some professional athletes, much to the ire of most Americans, have taken a knee during the National Anthem while siding with radical groups such as Black Lives Matter, and saying awful things about the police in the process. Most team owners and league and media outlets have applauded these radical players’ assessment of America, while most Americans seethe at what is going on........As the President ascends, the NFL continues its suicide march. With declining ratings and empty stadiums, this is the last fight the NFL needed. In this it also reveals where the NFL made a classic miscalculation, probably due to personal political leanings of the top brass. The NFL believes the next generation of sports fans is upon us, and they are young, racially diverse, and political activism appeals to them.........To Read More....

My Take - I became so disgusted with professional sports I stopped watching sports about two years ago with the exception of a mild interest in the Cleveland Browns.   I've stopped watching sports....period!


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