Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Eastern Europe: An Area Divided and Exposed to Russian Threats

Russia’s influence over Hungary recently manifested itself when Budapest opposed Romania’s admission to several Western European multilateral organizations. For example, this September Hungary opposed the integration of Romania in the European Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD). Obviously, Moscow knows how to divide Europe, while Washington is confronted with a challenge keeping the old continent together and safeguarding America’s interests.

By Nicholas Dima

After the decision of Great Britain to leave the European Union, Europe is struggling to maintain its purpose and unity. The North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) is confronted with new challenges, and America is faced with an increasingly aggressive Russia.

In that new climate, Eastern Europe is, once again, a bone of contention caught between East and West. The balance of power between the two camps is maintained by NATO with the United States as its chief guarantor. According to several analysts, Poland to the north and Romania to the south represent America’s strategic shield against Russia. However, Moscow is trying hard to destabilize the region, and Washington has few options opposing Moscow and maintaining local stability...........Read More

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