Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Pope of Islam

Pope Francis welcomes to the Vatican the head of a Muslim group tied to the financing of jihad terror.

Robert Spencer September 22, 2017 34

As if he weren’t already committed enough to foolish false charity and willful ignorance regarding the jihad threat, Pope Francis on Wednesday met in the Vatican with Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, the secretary general of the Muslim World League (MWL), a group that has been linked to the financing of jihad terror.

During the meeting, al-Issa thanked the Pope for his “fair positions” on what he called the “false claims that link extremism and violence to Islam.” In other words, he thanked the Pope for dissembling about the motivating ideology of jihad terror, which his group has been accused of financing, and for defaming other religions in an effort to whitewash Islam.

I don’t object to the Pope’s meeting this man. After all, Jesus was a friend of tax collectors and sinners. But the meeting appears to have been a pointless feelgood session, probably featuring some sly dawah from al-Issa. According to Breitbart News, “the two men reportedly exchanged views on a number of ‘issues of common interest’ including peace and global harmony, and discussed cooperation on issues of peaceful coexistence and the spread of love.”.........To Read More....

My Take - The Pope is a lunatic.  It's beyond me how any Jesuit, with their apparently overated educations, can take the positions they take.  But based on that - it must now be apparent the Jesuits don't teach logic courses, history courses, Bible courses, courses on Islamic teaching, or even courses on Catholic dogma.  What exactly do they teach in Jesuit schools?  

Which of course brings us to the focal point of all of this.  Is it possible to be a Jesuit and a Catholic at the same time?  If not - does that make a modern Jesuit a heretic?  If that's so - and it appears it is - is the Pope, who is a Jesuit, a heretic? If that's so what's to be done about it by the faithful?   

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