Monday, September 25, 2017

Robert Mueller Makes Sickening Request of White House in Witch Hunt

By Andrew West September 21, 2017

It has become readily apparent that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into claims of Russian election interference is nothing but a ruse by the American political left. From the moment that it became obvious that Hillary Clinton stood no chance of defeating America’s potent conservative uprising in November of 2016, the democrats and their litany of liberal insurgents began formulating a plan to delegitimize soon-to-be President Trump. At the forefront of this dangerous and ill-conceived plan were accusations of Russian involvement in the election itself, with wild claims of vote hacking and “fake news” being implemented by the Kremlin in America.

Of course, as these baseless claims were exposed for the charade that they were, the left was forced to transform their allegations into something far more sinister.  Now, it seems, that the “resistance” to the President is insinuating that Donald Trump himself is a KGB double agent, or a Kremlin operative, or some other fictitious 1980’s action movie villain.........To Read More....

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