Thursday, September 28, 2017

Russian-Facebook Collaboration Unearthed With Unbelievable Twist

By Andrew West September 27, 2017

Robert Mueller’s probe of possible Russian interference in the 2016 election has finally uncovered something shocking, but the liberals aren’t going to like it. With democratic operatives insisting on sowing the seeds of doubt over the legitimacy of President Trump’s astounding electoral victory in November, it came as little surprise when former FBI chief Robert Mueller was appointed as a Special Counsel to an investigation surrounding possible Russian interference in the contest. It took only a few weeks for Mueller’s investigation to reportedly go off the rails and into “fishing expedition” territory, with Mueller requesting a bevy of documents that seemed quite out of his jurisdiction. One such request sought information on President Trump’s tax returns – a highly contested bit of information that became a focal point of the liberal narrative during the election itself. Now, after getting a good look at Facebook’s purported role in the Russian collusion conspiracy, it seems that there may have been something to it after all – but the nation’s progressives and liberals are not going to like what they hear............To Read More....

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