Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Revoke the NFL's Antitrust Exemption

By Larry Klayman Newsmax September 25, 2017
Ever wonder why the price of NFL football game individual and season tickets are so prohibitively expensive, as well as the high price of official NFL gear sold on the internet or in sporting goods stores? Ever wonder why the NFL has gotten away with not disclosing the dangers inherent in the sport, and has colluded among team owners to to hide this from the players and the public — despite their having access to top notch sports physicians on their staff? I can go on and on.

Indeed, were the NFL not subject to an antitrust exemption granted to it by our compromised Congress, thanks to the sport's lobbyists having spread "beaucoup" money all over Capitol Hill, the club of uber rich owners who make their own rules with impunity could be charged under RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, for price fixing, market division and other illegal anti-competitive acts. As a former Justice Department Antitrust Division prosecutor who was on the trial team that broke up AT&T during the Reagan administration for price fixing and market division, take it from me!...........Continue Reading.....
My Take - Make no mistake about this - nothing's going to happen.  All that money being spread around is going to become bigger and spread further than before until this passes over.   Also, I'm not in favor of anti-monopoly laws, so I don't even want to see the NFL punished under those laws, except - they've been given a pass the rest of the nation is incapable of getting.  If they're operateing illegally under the rules everyone else operates under - then what we need are laws equally enforced or elimnated. 

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