Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Nuclear Terror Attack for Allah

By Morgan Norval l September 20, 2017

A 2009 Pew Research survey found that 52% of Americans believe the U.S. is facing a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack. This represents an increase from an earlier Pew poll taken after the 9-11 attack in which 40% of Americans worry that a U.S. city will be destroyed by a terrorist nuclear attack. Both of these polls were taken before the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs took over the headlines.

Are terrorists, on their own, able to produce and deliver a nuclear weapon on a U.S. city? In other words, are we facing a scenario of a mad mullah sitting in a cave in Afghanistan or a tent somewhere in the deserts of the Middle East making a nuclear device? The short answer is no.
However, there are two questions to answer regarding a nuclear attack by terrorists: 1) do the terrorists have the capability—possess the weapon? 2) do the terrorists have the intent to use the nuclear device?

The answer to the second question is obvious—yes.

The terrorists will intend to use the weapon no matter what the cost will be to the terrorists themselves. The numerous suicide bombings, including the 9-11 attacks, are proof positive the weapon will be used when the terrorists have them.

The key question then becomes: “do they have the bomb?”...........To Read More....

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