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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Social justice whiners: The group we love to hate

'Waaah, you hurt my feeeelings!'
Patrice Lewis
[Trigger warning: The following column is extraordinarily insensitive, and its candor may cause some people to be highly offended. Symptoms of being confronted with viewpoints other than one’s own may cause sensitive people to get “the vapors” and may result in fainting spells requiring “safe spaces.” Reader discretion is advised.]

In the past couple of months, social justice warriors have been very much in the news, in large part because their demands are so outrageous, illogical and comical. It staggers the mind what SJWs think should be done in society. Students (usually college) whine about the evils of diverse opinions, defined as “anything they disagree with.”  Let’s face it, SJWs have become the new trend. Their rallying cry is, “Waaah, you hurt my feeeelings!” They’ve become the group we love to hate......

But be warned: Someday the funding will cease. Those of us who work long hours and pay our taxes are tired of supporting your worthless, useless hides. You’d better hope mommy still has your basement room available because otherwise you might be on the street.  It may not be “fair,” but that’s reality. Now go take your meds.....
My Take - These 'crybullies' are the best thing that could have happened to higher education.  Why?  Because they've forced normal people who've been paying the tab for these slugs for decades to start paying attention to what's really going on at America's universities.  And hopefully they will demand an accounting by cutting off all - and I mean all - funding.  Make all universities self funding and we'll stop seeing this clabber.  If for no other reason these idiot leftists running and teaching at these institutions will be gone.  Once parents -or studends have to work their way through college - and start having to pick up the bill entirely they'll realize they're wasting their money wherever these people are in charge.  Worse yet, they've been destroying the nation with the insanity they've been imparting to the nation's youth since the early 1900's.  And yes - it's been going on for that long.  There is another real value to all of this.  Once universities become self funding there will be a huge drop in tuition fees, and far fewer universities and those will have much better standards. more thing.  Diversity is another word for national suicide. 

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