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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

P&D Today

Cartoon of the Day
  1. Obomanomics and Obamacare Explained On One Page
  1. Zika is Possibly the Scariest Virus Since HIV, By Josh Bloom
  2. School Is About Freedom, Marco Rubio, Not Just Money, By Mary Grabar
  3. Are Young People too Stupid to Vote? , By Dan Mitchell
  4. Mr. President, you owe America an apology. We did drill our way to $2 gas. , By Marita Noon
  5. Muslim Indoctrination and the Department of Education: From Hijab Dress-Up to Convert By Mary Grabar
Linked Articles
  1. Trump wins Nevada caucuses
  2. How President Trump would rule America
  3. Bernie Sanders Campaign Touts Backing of America's Most Prominent Marxist
  4. DOJ wants ban on proof of citizenship for voter registration
  5. Biden walks back 1992 blockade of Supreme Court nominees
  6. Federal Court: First Amendment Does Not Generally Protect Public Filming Of Police In Public
  7. Obama to Congress: Close Guantanamo, move terrorists to US
  8. Afghans Riot After Macedonia Blocks Their Migration
  9. What’s the Matter With Merkel?
  10. Canadian PM Insists Islamic Theocracy Fits w/Free Society
  11. Obama Wants to Free Most Terrorists from Gitmo
  12. The Refugee Hostel: Germany’s Islamist Hell
  1. Statistical Forecasting: How Fast Will Future Warming Be?
  2. MADNESS: Sweden Hires Luxury Cruise with Theatre, Gym, Swimming Pool to House Thousands of Muslim Migrants for $100,000 Per day

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