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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders Campaign Touts Backing of America's Most Prominent Marxist

Daniel Greenfield   As In response to criticism from even left-wing economists that the Bernie Sanders financial plan is entirely dependent on magic money trees, the Socialist's campaign has released a list of "top economists" who support his plans for Wall Street. As I discuss in this week's article, the list is heavy with Marxists and people who aren't remotely top economists.  Top economists? Well that sounds serious. Maybe this Bernie Sanders fella knows what he's talking about after all. Here are some of the "top economists" from the list.   Don St. Clair, Certified Financial Planner - Don appears to have a BA from California State University-Long Beach. He might be a nice guy, I'm not too sure that he's a "top economist". Also there's...  Carolyn McClanahan, another financial planner, who has a medical degree, but no obvious degree in finance...... To Read More

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