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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How President Trump would rule America

Ryan Cooper

On Saturday night, Donald Trump cruised to a decisive victory in South Carolina's primary, beating the runner-up by 10 points and taking most (and possibly all) of the delegates. He is leading in Nevada, which is up next, and in virtually every other upcoming primary state. Trump is winning, folks.

Now, if this primary season has taught us anything, it ought to be instinctive disbelief of any offhand electoral prediction. Nevertheless, I take it as axiomatic that any major party candidate has at least some chance of winning. It's time to start thinking seriously about what to do if Donald Trump becomes president.

One thing that makes a Trump presidency so hard to imagine is his platform is so thin. His positions page on his website contains only five sections: U.S.-China trade, the Veterans Administration, immigration, gun rights, and tax reform. His tax plan is flatly ludicrous, and he barely mentions what he'd do with specific domestic programs anyway......

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My Take - Trump is a petulant bully who loves having his boots licked.  He's really good at dishing it out but he can't take it.  What happens when a man like this takes hold of the power of the federal government and it's agencies? Agencies Obama has shown are more than capable of being handmaidens of illegal actions against his enemies? 

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