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Monday, February 29, 2016

P&D Today and Yesterday

Quote of the Day - Public opinion is a compound of folly, weakness, prejudice, wrong feeling, right feeling, obstinacy, and newspaper paragraphs. - Sir Robert Peel, Bt. (Prime Minister 1834-1835, 1841-1846)

  1. The Middle Class Is Voting with its Feet against California and other High-Tax States By Dan Mitchell 
  2. You are not as rational as you think By Jon Ray
  3. Trump: The Deal Maker! By Rich Kozlovich
  4. Economic Literacy 101  By Paul Driessen     
  5. Immigration or an iPhone  By Daniel Greenfield
  6. Higher Taxes Are a Recipe for Higher Spending, not Lower Debt By Dan Mitchell
  7. What's Putin Really Up To?  By Rich Kozlovich
  1. Apple Vs The FBI
Linked Articles
  1. Meet Donald Trump: The King of Sleaze
  2. The Millennial Case For Ted Cruz
  3. American Caesarism
  4. The Long History of Government Meddling in the American Marketplace
  5. Spotlight on Iran
  6. Bernie - Please Tell Me Again How Great Socialism Is!
  7. Kibbe: Socialism Kills
  8. Are GMOs cause of recent spike in food allergies?
  9. Social justice whiners: The group we love to hate
  10. Black Milwaukee sheriff takes on Black Lives Matter movement
  11. Wealth and Income Inequality Is Not as Bad as You Think
  12. Muslim ‘Migrants’ Molest 12-Year-Old, Vow to Slit 6-Year-Old’s Throat
  13. The Rise of Intolerant Liberals
  14. The New Cold War
  15. This State Offered Free College Education. Here’s What Happened.
  16. Meet Business Owners Fighting San Diego’s Proposed Minimum Wage Hike
  17. Hatch: 'Advise and consent' is to protect Supreme Court
  1. Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs

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