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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Obama Wants to Free Most Terrorists from Gitmo

Daniel Greenfield

  Freeing Muslim terrorists has always been Obama's first and foremost priority.
Gitmo had been Obama’s priority from the start. During his first days in office, three out of his first five executive orders involved the Islamic terrorists locked up at Gitmo. His third executive order outlawed enhanced interrogations of terrorists “to promote the safe, lawful, and humane treatment of individuals in United States custody”. His fourth and fifth sought to close the prison and free its terrorists.  It took Obama a month to set up the Economic Recovery Advisory Board. It took him two days to set up a Special Interagency Task Force on Detainee Disposition to free Gitmo terrorists. His priority was not the economy, or even gay rights, amnesty and abortion; it was aiding Islamic terrorists.
So his latest effort to close Gitmo and free most of the terrorists is no surprise....

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