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Monday, April 27, 2015

Mychal Massie's Daily Rant

Muslim Sympathizer Ignores Facts - I can appreciate people being sensitive to negativity pursuant to family members who are Muslims, killers, terrorists, and/or associated with same. But specific to that point, I don’t make up the atrocities that Muslims are perpetrating the world over. I don’t preach hate of Muslims; I preach hatred for their evil deeds and the threat they represent to civil society all over the world. Friday morning I received an email from someone identifying himself as Kenneth Martin. He introduced himself by calling me an “a**hole.” He immediately followed that by […]

If Cat My Doesn’t Why Should Obama and Congress? - I live in Florida but my cat stays in Pennsylvania. Late last night I returned to PA. to find that to the surprise of everyone concerned she had urinated on my bed, (multiple times, necessitating my buying a new mattress, pillows, and special laundering to insure the pheromones in her urine are removed from the bedding to prevent her from deciding to do it again. She will not be permitted in my bedroom ever again unless I am in town. If I am willing to take such extraordinary steps because […]

Chicago’s ‘Black Star Project’ Synonym for Hypocrisy - Some things just leave you incredulous. How else can it be said when it comes to the duplicitous standards of blacks pursuant to accountability? I have said it many times and so I say again, black people have a definition of right and wrong that is fluid and predicated completely upon skin color. It matters very little to the majority of blacks what crime a black person commits or whom a black person does harm to as long as said person is “keeping it real” and espouses the right heterodoxy. […]

If Government Healthcare Fails Vets – It Will Fail Us - For those singing the praises of obamacare, I ask you this question: “If the federal government is unable to oversee the healthcare of our veterans who sacrificed their bodies and psychological health for their country, how can the federal government be expected to manage the healthcare of 300 plus million legal Americans and tens of millions of illegal aliens?” If the federal government, i.e., congress and president, ended up with the congressional banking scandal and the congressional post office scandal not to mention that they bankrupted medicare, medicaid, and social […]

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