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Monday, April 27, 2015

From Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs

VIDEO Former New York Governor George Pataki: Muslims inciting on the Internet need to be arrested - Former New York Governor George Pataki opened the Republican Jewish Coalition spring conference Friday night – and in this video we have obtained from a closed-to-the-media session, he makes a very strong play on a number of key issues. While Pataki says that “BDS is not a human rights movement, it is anti-Semitic,” he also spoke about what he called The Jackson Rule: Anyone involved in recruiting or fundraising for ISIS, Hamas or any other terrorist organization will face criminal charges in the U.S  Pataki – very rightly – said, “The Internet does not provide a special safe haven...Read the whole entry »

FBI investigating major Islamic State terrorism plot in U.S - Every day another Islamic plot to maim, destroy, slaughter in the cause of Allah. Every day. And the enemedia asks, “will the islamophobia never end?” And the political and cultural elites decry our ads: “if someone gets killed, it will be your fault!” If the media, academic and cultural elites were as tough on the jihadists as they are on myself and my colleagues, we’d have these savages beat…..Read the whole entry »

New York Daily News: AFDI ad criticizing Hamas is “outrageous drivel” that “would offend many Muslims” - The now-notorious NY Daily News is once again doing the bidding of jihadists, and in this particular case, Hamas. According to the Islamic apologists over at the NY Daily News, it’s “outrageous drivel” to call attention to Hamas’ genocidal rhetoric. The terror-linked group CAIR had an ad campaign “rebranding” the word jihad ( They mean to make it into something soft and fuzzy. Our ad campaign is a response to their campaign. Our ads quote high-profile Muslims and Muslim organizations calling for jihad, genocide, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, etc. Shutting down free speech won’t stop these savages, it will embolden them. The “killing Jews is worship to Allah” ad is a direct quote from a...Read the whole entry »

An American Mom and Her Baby Are Being Held Hostage by Obama’s Partners The Taliban - In 2012, a 28-year-old American woman, Caitlin Coleman, was kidnapped along with her husband, Joshua Boyle, while traveling in Afghanistan. Coleman was pregnant and gave birth while in captivity. The family has been held ever since by the Taliban. Her name and that of her husband and baby should be on the lips of every American.  Another story the media doesn’t report.  In his continuing support for the Taliban terrorist group, Obama has refused to call them a terrorist group. They kidnap Americans and the media hardly speaks of it in deference to their dear leader.  Obama’s Afghanistan strategy is to cover for his “peace partners.” For years I have reported on Obama’s sanction and support of the savage Islamic...Read the whole entry »

Minneapolis Muslim charged threatening to kill FBI officials if they didn’t free six Muslims related to Islamic State case - You would think that the arrest of six jihadis in Minneapolis would relieve the Muslim Somali in Minnesota community, the largest in the United States. Instead, it has created tension and animus. What side are they on? A Minneapolis man was charged Friday with threatening law enforcement officials and writing on Twitter that a “massacre” would happen if authorities did not free six men who were arrested earlier this week and accused of trying to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State group, reported….Read the whole entry »

2 Montreal Muslim teens planned to set off bombs in the Montreal area  - In the West we are under siege. Law enforcement officials are doing an admirable job uncovering and stopping these plots, but how long will their luck hold, as Muslim groups are doing everything they can to end effective counter-terror measures? They stopped an effective program in New York City and are working to create the impression that most of the Muslims who were caught were entrapped. Nonsense. There is nothing that would persuade any loyal citizen to go jihad….Read the whole entry »

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