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Saturday, April 18, 2015

EPA Tells Kids to Avoid Baths and Asks them to Check Toilets for Leaks

Justin Haskins

Parents across America who struggle to keep their young rambunctious kids clean now have a new obstacle: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As part of its effort to help save the planet from the dangers of taking too many baths, the EPA’s WaterSense program is trying to convince kids they should avoid bathtubs in favor of showers, which it says is a far more efficient use of water. “To save even more water, keep your shower under five minutes long—try timing yourself with a clock next time you hop in!” the “WaterSense for Kids” website says…….For instance, the EPA recommends businesses consider installing “composting toilets,” which are just as disgusting as they sound, to save the maximum amount of water.  Teaching our children to conserve nature is important, but unreasonable and unsanitary mandates from bureaucrats in Washington, DC—who, by the way, expel countless tons of carbon dioxide in their behemoth urban office buildings—hinder economic and cultural growth and mislead impressionable kids into believing it’s a grave sin to take a bath or wash the family car with a garden hose…..To Read More….
My Take - Is it any wonder that Dr. Jay Lehr - one of the founders of the U.S. EPA - has stated publically the EPA is out of control and hasn't done anything worthwhile since 1980. He's also developed a five year plan for dismantling the agency while creating a system that will still provide environmental protections.

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