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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

From Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs

New York Times: “M.T.A. Must Run Bus Ad From Pro-Israel Group, Judge Says”- A good solid piece on our free speech win today, from the New York Times. “M.T.A. Must Run Bus Ad From Pro-Israel Group, Judge Says,” By Emma G Fitzsimmons, New York Times, April 21, 2015; A federal judge in Manhattan on Tuesday ordered the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to display an ad from a pro-Israel group  […]

Pamela Geller, WND Column: Islamic machine tries to crush speech at U.S. college - Tomorrow night at Brooklyn College will be one for the books. Check out my column this week for WND: Defending the West Islamic machine tries to crush speech at U.S. college Exclusive: Pamela Geller blasts ‘Shariah goons and their leftist lapdogs’ I am scheduled to speak at Brooklyn College this Wednesday, April 22, on “The […]

‘Spill All of Their Blood… Kill Them’: Here’s what we know about the Alabama Muslim teengirl who joined ISIS - The family has hired terror spokesman Hassan Shibly. So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. ‘Spill All of Their Blood… Kill Them’: How a Suburban American Girl Hatched an Elaborate Plan to Flee Her Family and Join the Islamic State,” Billy Hallowell, Blaze, April 21, 2015 A business student from Alabama whose family […]

Muslim family says daughter left Alabama home to join ISIS, Hires Terror Spox - It’s hard to believe that this family opposes jihad when they have Hassan Shibly speaking for them. Shibly is the chief executive director for the Florida chapter of terror designated group CAIR and a long time supporter of Hezb’Allah. Why would they have a terror group speak on their behalf? And of course Shibly exploits […]

Blasphemous Babka: Quran-shaped cake baked with layers of trouble for religious class  - Even the devout cannot escape the punitive and vicious sharia. Nuts. “Koran-shaped cake baked with layers of trouble for religious class,” Jerusalem Post, April 20, 2015 An Islamic seminary class is the subject of a preliminary investigation by religious authorities in Turkey for allegedly baking a Koran-shaped cake in the Black Sea province of Tokat […]

Muslims protest outside church building, say cross ‘challenging Islam’ - More interfaith dialogue and tolerance from our religious superiors in “moderate” “modern” Malaysia. Respect it. On Sunday a group of 50 Muslims gathered outside the church to protest against the cross displayed on the building, claiming that it challenged Islam. The group demanded the church take down the cross. It was removed at around 2pm […]

Feds admit jihad ‘terror-recruiting problem’ among refugees - Which speaks to the bigger question: why is Obama bringing them here? “Feds admit ‘terror-recruiting problem’ among refugees U.S. attorney speaks frankly on pervasive nature of ISIS,” By Leo Hohmann, WND, April 20, 2015 In announcing the arrests of six Minnesota men charged with making repeated attempts to join the ISIS jihadist army in Syria, […]
Temple Israel of Boston Hosting Anti-Israel Event - Sickening people masquerading as a synagogue. Temple Israel of Boston is hosting an event this week which features people who support a boycott of Israel, people who oppose the Jewish State – why would a synagogue let them speak? On April 23, their guest speakers are Daniel Sokatch, New Israel Fund CEO, & Jeremy Ben-Ami, […]


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