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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bone-dry California dumps water to 'make fish happy'

Congressman scorches left's 'lunacy' during worst drought in state history

 Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., is working feverishly to reverse federal and state policies that give fish and rivers priority over people in the distribution of water during the worst drought in California history.

The state is now in the fourth year of the drought, and water reserves are running frighteningly low. McClintock said it’s a result of stunningly stupid policies dating back to the last time Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown was in office.

“We haven’t built a major dam in this state since 1979,” McClintock said. “Meanwhile, the population has nearly doubled. We aren’t going to solve our water problems until we begin building more dams. We can’t build more dams as long as the radical environmental laws make their construction impossible.”…… But the issue gets even more maddening for McClintock. He said the biggest problem for the fish is not the drought but another government policy.   “Mainly, we’re talking about a three-inch minnow called the delta smelt,”......To Read More.....

My Take  - You may also wish to read, "Smelting Down the Water Supply".  I've followed this rediculous delta smelt issue in California for years and like all these Endangered Specied Act actions, going back to the snail darter issue in the 70's, there's not much difference between smelt living elsewhere versus those living in the delta.  In the case of the snail darter it took Congressional action to directly overturn the ESA in this one case to get that dam built, which had been held up for years.  Based on the abuses of the ESA by the green movement there is only one conclusion.  Repeal the Endangered Species Act. 

In 2008 I published these three articles.  You may wish to review them.


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