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Friday, April 17, 2015

From Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs

NY High School Students Wear T-Shirts with Swastika and the word “Auschwitz”: “Hit the showers!” - And these depraved animals weren’t expelled? Where are the other parents? Where are school officials? Speak about Islam in a public school and you will be ruined (as was this teacher in Texas) but this? In a statement, school district brass noted that “the actions of these students are not representative of the student body […]

Report Finds Alarming Outflow Of Kosovo Muslims To Islamic State -More of the fatal fallout of Bill Clinton’s war on the Christian Serbs on behalf of the “tolerant” Muslims. Slaughtering Christians and saving the jihadists for ….. the Islamic State. Here’s the latest from Kosovo’s “moderate” Muslims: “Report Finds Alarming Outflow Of Kosovars To Islamic State,” Radio Free Europe, April 15, 2015 Ethnic Albanian Kosovar […]

Islamic State leaflets found near American woman shot in Karachi - Who’s taking bets that Obama calls it “random”? (See: Paris jihad massacre of Jews at kosher deli — Obama said that was “random,” too.) The JV team strikes again. Americans are not safe abroad under the enemy in the White House. “Pakistan: Islamic State leaflets found near American woman shot in Karachi” An American woman […]

Police: Muslims threw Christians overboard during Mediterranean voyage - I cannot keep up with Muslim terror, violence and savagery. There is no social commentary in the West on these daily stories of Islamic torture and slaughter of non-Muslims in the cause of Allah. Day in, day out, seemingly endless stories with the accompanying mafia-type silence by media, political and cultural elites. And what’s worse, […]

Three Terrorist Plots Disrupted in Three Weeks: 66th Jihad Plot Proves Scope of Threat - Will the islamophobia never end? It’s interesting to see this piece on the Heritage Foundation site, as they have hardly been on the forefront of this issue, and they get some of it wrong, i.e., “lone-wolf.” There are no lone wolves in the global jihad army. Ted Kaczynski (the unibomber) was a lone wolf. All […]

MUST SEE VIDEO: Planned Parenthood caught ON CAMERA helping sex traffickers get abortions for child sex slaves - Your taxpayer dollars at work. The beloved leftist organization, Planned Parenthood, has morphed into the embodiment of evil. They should be shut down TODAY. Of course this: Planned Parenthood protests abortion bill Posted: Apr 15, 2015, FOX It might hurt their child sex trafficking business. ASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Planned Parenthood employees donned vintage clothing […]

Vehicular Jihad: Muslim Named in Car-ramming Attack in Jerusalem on Holocaust Remembrance Day, 1 Dead, Another Seriously injured - Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino on Thursday said the car-ramming attack in Jerusalem late Wednesday night, in which 25-year-old Shalom Sherki was killed and a woman was seriously injured, was likely deliberate and nationalistically motivated. “Nationalistically motivated.” Nonsense. It was motivated by jihad. It was motivated by Islamic Jew-hatred. Enough with this double speak. Police chief: […]

Never Again, Savages - Holocaust Remembrance Day — Tel Aviv, April 16, 2015 Israel came to a standtill at 10 A.M. on Thursday, as a siren rang out to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day and 70 years since the end of World War II. The official state ceremony marking Holocaust Remembrance Day began at 8 P.M. on Wednesday night, at […]

University of Pittsburgh Goes Full-On Nazi on Holocaust Remembrance Day - Vicious Jew-hatred by Muslim groups and their leftist lapdogs is rampant on college campuses. It is becoming increasingly dangerous to be Jewish on college campuses. And administration officials and faculty are so cowed by MSA and SJP students-goons and the prevailing totalitarian zeitgeist that they sanction all of it, “designed to help students receive a […]

Al Qaeda takes Yemen Airport - More success from Obama’s success story — Yemen. In an address on September 10, 2014, President Obama touted Yemen as a counterterrorism success story and said it would be the model for the US’ strategy against ISIS. The Saudis are bombing the Iranian-backed jihadists in Yemen (the Houthis) — the region is engulfed in war […]

Posthumous book by Charlie Hebdo editor takes on ‘Islamophobia’ as thinly veiled racism  - Creed apartheid, gender apartheid, misogyny, Jew hatred, supremacism and racism are all central to Islam. Charlie Hebdo nailed it. “Posthumous book by Charlie Hebdo editor takes on ‘Islamophobia’ as thinly veiled racism, “Associated Press, April 16, 2015 PARIS – The late former editor of French weekly Charlie Hebdo takes on politicians, the media and “Islamophobia” […]

VIDEO: HUGE Outcry of Support from Parents for Texas Teacher Forced to Resign after Giving Students Fact Sheet on Jihad and Sharia - The propaganda that passes for education in today’s public school is criminal. But this? This is systematic sharia enforcement. Telling the truth about Islam will get you fired. Proselytizing for Islam to young children will advance your career. “We need more teachers like that,” said Kayleen Nelson, a parent of a student at Foster High. […]

Former Guantanamo inmate who won £1m payout from UK taxpayers is held after judge is shot dead - He won a million pounds because his human rights were violated, he claimed, by being held in Guantanamo. “Robin Simcox, a national security researcher, said: ‘The payout was always very morally questionable. These people made a lot of allegations against the security services that I believe were extremely spurious. The Government settled because they said […]

Liverpool Football (Soccer) Fan Facing Punishment for Offending Islam in a Twitter Pic Hashtag #Disgrace - Thought Police enforcing sharia — you can’t even have an opinion without these dogs for Islam coming after you. Look at the photo. It is a disgrace and a hazard to others. This is so supremacist, so in your face, at the foot of the stairs at a football game. Typically inconsiderate. They did not […]

Israel’s high court rules that boycotts (BDS) are terrorism - Alisa Doctoroff, Karen Adler, the Bronfman Foundation, Carole and Saul Zabar, Jim Joseph Foundation, Andre Leichtag, UJA call your office — you are funding terrorism. What does that make you? “High Court upholds part of Anti-Boycott Law, strikes part and splits on ‘1967 Israel'” Jerusalem Post, April 15, 2015 Anti-boycott bill becomes law after passing […]

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