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Monday, April 27, 2015

From the Heartland Institute

Why the Assault on ‘Dark Money’ Threatens Free Speech- Our right to free speech is under attack by groups on the Left using Alinskyite tactics and campaign finance laws to silence and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. Constitutional scholar and Heartland Institute Research Fellow Nick Dranias explores this topic in a new Heartland Policy Study titled“In Defense of Private Civic Engagement: Why the Assault on ‘Dark Money’Threatens Free Speech – and How to Stop the Assault.” Dranias explains how private civic engagement “serves a critically important purpose in keeping the marketplace of ideas focused on the message, not the messenger. It also protects the messenger from retaliation when speaking truth to power.”….

New Jersey Parents, Activists Raise Student Privacy Concerns - “Parents are upset across the spectrum,” said Julia Rubin, a volunteer for Save Our Schools NJ. “Nobody knew what was going on. Not just that they were monitoring. I think it’s the idea that they are monitoring in coordination with the [New Jersey Department of Education].”….

Heartland Heads to Rome to Tell Pope Francis: Global Warming Is Not a Crisis!- We’re flying a team of scientists and climate policy experts to Rome to challenge the alarmism on tap at a global warming workshop at the Vatican on April 28. Stay tuned to all next week for updates on our effort to bring a measure of truth to the conference and debunk the faith-based climate alarmism of the United Nations.

Net Neutrality Is Just as Stupid Internationally as It Is Here- “Imagine Fuel Neutrality – where the government mandates that 18-wheel tractor trailers (whose owners just so happen to donate huge to Democrats) not be charged to fill up at the pump. That necessarily skyrockets gas prices for the rest of us in our little cars –because the stations have to make up that huge money somewhere.”

Americans Have a ‘Right’ to Receive Health Care, Humana CEO Claims - “[Humana CEO Bruce D.] Broussard’s statement that health care is a ‘right’ is an odd one,” said [Justin] Danhof, [an attorney at the National Center for Public Policy Research]. “It certainly isn’t provided for in the Constitution. And millions of Americans make rational decisions to either self-insure, or refuse to purchase health insurance.”

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