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Monday, April 13, 2015

I challenge climate fascists with $500,000 bet

Lord Monckton

The International Union of Climate Fascists, as it prepares to establish a totalitarian world “governing body” over us at the Paris climate yadayadathon this December, with the active support of governments worldwide slavering at the prospect of bringing the democracy they hate to an end, faces a tiresome problem that just won’t go away.  Totalitarians can push man around and, oh boy, do they long to. But they can’t push nature around.

The climate scare parroted by bed-wetting eco-freako useful idiots worldwide began when the pseudo-scientific profiteers of doom on U.N.’s fraudulent and corrupt climate panel, the IPCC (known universally in diplomatic circles as IPeCaC after the well-known emetic) predicted with “substantial confidence” 25 years ago that its useless but gratifyingly expensive climate models had captured the essential features of the climate…… They are also reduced to talking complete gibberish. But the worshipers at the temple of Thermageddon in the Marxstream media don’t realize that publishing that gibberish is scarcely going to help what they are prone to call “The Cause.”.....…..Any takers? No, I thought not. Cowards, the lot of you. All talk and no action. You all know as well as I do that you don’t believe even one-tenth of the lurid predictions you make or publish.  As just about every opinion poll now shows, the rest of the world doesn’t believe you, either. You can repeal freedom and democracy – and, at Paris, you will – but you cannot repeal the truth..…...To Read More…..

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