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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The GOP establishment eats the party's young to save its corporate welfare

By David Freddoso  MAY 14, 2014 Opinion,David Freddoso,Columnists,2014 Elections,Campaigns,Justin Amash,Mike Rogers

 A few weeks ago, I noted in this space that the anti-Tea Party Main Street Partnership is openly appealing to conservative paranoia in a high-profile Idaho race.  The super PAC, run by former Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-Ohio, ran an ad hinting that the challenger to Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson is being backed by a liberal, pro-Nancy Pelosi group from outside Idaho - namely, the uber-conservative Club for Growth.

At the time, I wrote that Main Street might win a couple of races with this dishonest approach – and in fact Simpson will likely win on Tuesday. But to whatever extent this tactic succeeds, it only reinforces the very distrust that has turned primary voters against the “Main Street” model of Republican.

The same thing is now happening in Michigan - except it isn't a super PAC, but actual Republican lawmakers who are launching conservative-sounding attacks against a colleague for holding a principled conservative position......To Read More....

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