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Monday, May 19, 2014

Agenda 21 continues to drive people from the land

By Jane Gaffin May 19, 2014
Under the United Nations' Agenda 21 -- a blueprint as to how society will live and behave in the 21st Century -- the main thrust is to return all privately-owned property back to a strictly government-controlled domain. As per the Marxist doctrine, Agenda 21 doesn't recognize privately-owned property that represents the cornerstone of all free societies.  America's 50 states are being carved into approximately 12 land-planning regions in anticipation of the forthcoming North American Union of which Canada and Mexico are part of the "three amigo partnership".

"Partnership" is a keyword that denotes Agenda 21.

Canada is under regional land-planning concepts that link one province's land to another under the guise of environmentalism.  One land-planning fiasco is Alberta's Land Stewardship Act which was drafted and passed behind closed doors by Premier Ed Stelmach's Conservative cabinet in 2010.

"Stewardship" is the keyword that indicates the Land Stewardship Act is a product of the UN's Agenda 21. Also, under Agenda 21, "meat-eating" is not considered "sustainable" which translates into the elimination of all livestock raised for food consumption.…….."Public consultation" is another meaningless catch-all phrase that comes from the UN's Agenda 21……To Read More…..

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