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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An unnecessary 'saggy pants' tale of woe

Consider this a “sagging pants” tale. A while back, Don Lemon, an on-air personality for CNN News, boldly sallied forth into the cauldron about American racial and cultural mores. Specifically, Lemon offered five pieces of advice to black American men. They were:
1. Stop wearing sagging pants.
2. Stop saying the n-word.
3. Stop littering.
4. Finish high school.
5. Have fewer children out of wedlock.
Though I was a bit confused about Lemon point number three, I have to admit the other four all amounted to cogent, sound advice. Black liberal cognoscenti tended to disagree. They skewered Lemon, almost unmercifully at times. Music mogul Russell Simmons’ response was to call Lemon a “slave” and then imply the CNN personality is black America’s enemy number one..........Whenever we saw someone out in public acting either the fool or shamelessly and disgracefully, we’d shake our heads in pity and proclaim, “No home training.”  ..... Why don’t black liberals bring up the topic of home training? Why, because it’s a conservative value, of course.  And we all know they’ll have no truck with conservative values, don’t we?....To Read More....

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