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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The case for Golden Rice

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Golden Rice, a genetically engineered crop enriched with beta-carotene which the body can then convert to vitamin A, has the potential to prevent blindness in populations prone to vitamin A deficiency. The WHO estimates that about 250,000 to 500,000 vitamin A deficient children go blind each year and half of those children die within 12 months of going blind. As risk perception expert David Ropiek says, “These are real deaths, real disability, real suffering, not the phantom fears.”

Yet, as writer Norm Benson points out in his piece on Science 2.0, and as we here at ACSH have said before, the anti-biotech crowd continues to fight against the introduction of this genetically engineered product. Instead, “some people prefer to trust the ballroom-dancing teacher and Yogic flying instructor, Jeffrey Smith; Mike Adams, the self-proclaimed “Health Ranger”; Greenpeace;…over the word of the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization or…well, you get the idea.”……. And if you need to be further convinced about the potential of golden rice, Benson ends his piece (Read the full piece here.) with this fact: “In the four minutes it took you to read this, two, three or four children lost their sight due to Vitamin A Deficiency, and, in the same four minutes at least one child died. Everything else is noise.”  .....To Read More.....
My Take - I have often said the environmental movement is irrational, misanthropic and morally defective. Is there anything in this article that demonstrates I'm wrong? Issue after issue with the greenies demonstrates this should be obvious to the most casual observer, and yet they have the support of high ranking government officials, bureaucrats, celebrities and the media. If their misanthropy is so plainly obvious - and it is - you must believe they, and all those who support them, must be certifiably mad!  They're certainly certifiably criminal in the results they produce!

These environmental activists – who so many look up to and respect – are completely incapable of seeing these issues with any perspective other than their own.  They don’t care about the pain and suffering they're inflicting of humanity.  A recent article by a public defender discussed this lack of empathy for the suffering of others regarding one of his robbery clients who, along with two other men, “walked into a small store run by two young women wearing masks, drew handguns and ordered the women into a back room. One man beat a girl with his gun. The second man stood over the second girl while the third man emptied the cash register.”

He went on to say; “My client was the one who beat the girl. When he asked me, “What are our chances at trial?” I said, “Not so good.” He immediately got angry, raised his voice, and accused me of working with the prosecution. I asked him how he thought a jury would react to the video. “They don’t care,” he said. I told him the jury would probably feel deeply sympathetic towards these two women and would be angry at him because of how he treated them. I asked him whether he felt bad for the women he had beaten and terrorized. He told me what I suspected—what too many blacks say about the suffering of others: “What do I care? She ain’t me. She ain’t kin. Don’t even know her.”

Can anyone tell me the difference between this kind of criminal thinking and the behavior, and the thinking and actions of green movement?  I can!  One will go to jail and the other will get donations from all over the world and be lauded and praised for their “commitment” and dedication.  All of which results in dystopia – squalor, suffering, misery, disease and early death. 

Oh well, “What do they care? They ain’t them.  They ain’t kin.  They don’t even know them.”

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