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Monday, May 19, 2014

Smart Brief on Business and Politics

Poll results: A split on climate change

This week's poll drew one of the largest number of responses in its history, and ended up in nearly a dead heat. Respondents were almost evenly split between "nothing we can do" (42%) and "must take immediate, significant steps" (40%). Only 11% took neutral position that the issue needs more study. Many participants wrote in to comment that unilateral action by the U.S. would do little to solve this global issue. One commented that recent weather events debunk the view that global temperatures are rising, while another lamented the poor communication of climate science to the general public. New poll Monday.
41.97% - Climate change is a natural cycle and there is nothing we can do about it
39.62%  - The government must take immediate, significant steps to address climate change
11.30% - Climate change needs more study
7.10% - None of the above/other

My TakeWhile it’s true that it appears society is almost evenly split on this subject – which is amazing considering the amount of money and hype that has been put into this global fraud, the reality is even more amazing.  Since 11.30% and 7.10% either don’t know, think other things, or more study is needed, that means there's another 18.40% that hasn’t been convinced the world is being destroyed by CO2.  Furthermore, they apparently aren't convinced the only answer is to destroy our economy and lifestyle, and turn our lives totally over to a select elite group of leftists who desperately desire to control every aspect of our lives, who claim they and only they have the correct answers to humanities problems.  Even if they’re the source of the problems and even if the problems are nothing more than non-existent fraudulent scare mongering.  It isn't about climate, it's about control.
In short – only 39.62% are green lemmings, and a full 60.37% are either not convinced, or know it’s all horsepucky.  Remember, it wasn’t that long ago they had a huge majority as believers, but we now have the internet, and the media no longer has total control over what people know or think.  This isn't just a split!  This is like a Grand Canyon in the middle of the desert, and the fraudsters know it.  Otherwise they wouldn't be attacking harassing Lennart Bengtsson.  The fact is climate science is more like political science since "true believers"  in climate scientist community “believe it’s their role to pass public judgment on whether a scientific colleague should offer advice to political, public or a campaigning organisations and to harass that scientist until they ‘fall into line’.”
That's politics - not science!
However, they also know that once the fraud of anthropogenic climate change is fully embraced by humanity a more frightening Earth wide catastrophe will occur than has ever occurred in all of climate science history.
Their grant money will disappear!
What could be more frightening than that? They might be forced to actually go out and get a real job and produce something of real value!  I'll bet that gives them chills!

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