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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Oppressed Oppressors

May 15, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

Some countries have dictators, tyrants and kings. America has victims in high office. Victims with vast powers and great wealth who despite all that are oppressed by the people they rule…Never has a ruling class been as oppressed as ours by an ignorant rabble that rudely abuses the army of benevolent public servants who see to their welfare in exchange for nothing except a feeling of moral satisfaction and a six-figure salary. Not to mention unlimited power.  “They talk about me like a dog,” Obama complained.-(he must have been talking about comments from The Democratic "People's" Republic of North Korea's Glorious Leader, Kim Jong-un)  ……When Obama isn’t complaining, the media outlets of the ruling class do it for him…… Oprah Winfrey said that Obama was the victim of racism. As proof she pointed to Congressman Joe Wilson calling Obama a liar… while Obama was lying. …… Oprah Winfrey went on to suggest that the only solution to racism was for “generations of people, older people” to just “die.” Sterling, who has a billion less than her, lost his team for much less than proposing age-based racial genocide. But Oprah, who says worse things in public interviews than Sterling said in private, has proposed buying his team.…… One day our oppressed ruling class will tire of our oppression and casting off its shackles will rise up against us. It will liberate itself of the last of our laws and enslave us so that our eternally oppressed oppressors may finally be free to do to us whatever they will.…..To Read More….

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