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Thursday, May 22, 2014

How Twitter empowers liberal trolls

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Twitter stock is falling as I write, and I know at least one reason why. It is a thoroughly unstable, politically loaded environment and not at all the open-minded marketplace of ideas it pretends to be. Stockholders cannot be happy. In fact, they have every right to be upset. The day after Christmas Twitter was trading at very nearly $75 a share. Today it is trading at $31 a share.

For those groomed on Common Core math, this means that if you had invested $10,000 in December, you would have already lost more than $5,800.

Although a fan of Facebook, I never much trusted Twitter and have used it only sparingly. So I was surprised about a month or so back to find my “Notifications” box cluttered with cryptic messages that seemed to be attacking me from the right.

A little naïve, I sent a polite email to the sender asking what he was hoping to accomplish and received a snippy, cryptic response in return.

Doing just a little digging, I stumbled into a sad, nasty little underworld of whose existence I had been only dimly aware.   Read more at

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