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Sunday, April 28, 2013

WND author, CBN expose Hitler's hatred of Christians

Destruction of churches was 'explicitly recognized' as a purpose of Nazi movement - Everyone knows German dictator Adolf Hitler hated Jews and tried to exterminate them, killing an estimated 6 million in some of the most twisted, evil strategies ever to be executed by the human race.   He also hated Gypsies and other groups.
But WND author Ray Comfort, whose “Hitler, God and the Bible” addresses the religious standards and failings of Hitler points out Hitler also devised a master strategy to crush all Christian churches…….head of Hitler Youth, Boldur von Schirach, who said, “Destruction of Christianity was explicitly recognized as a purpose of the National Socialist Movement.”  Show host Gordon Robertson explains that Germany’s economy and political quagmire after World War I left the people hoping for a savior.
Along came Hitler, preaching a message of hope and change, restoring the glory, loving neighbors and taking a stand against violence…Hitler rewrote the Bible to remove references to Jesus as a Jew and inserted his own “commandments” in place of the “Ten Commandments,” including “Honor your fuhrer and master.” He edited the Lord’s Prayer to reference himself and had school children sing a hymn, “For Hitler we live, For Hitler we die.”  The CBN program explains how Hitler put on a religious, even Christian, fa├žade, until he became powerful.  To Read More….
My Take For students of history this isn’t anything new.  As noted in the book, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Hitler had the Bible removed from the alters of churches and replaced with his book Mein Kampf.  Because according to Hitler the most important people in the world to God was the Germans and the most important book in the world was Mein Kampf, therefore the most important book in the world to God was Mien Kampf.  What we need is clarity. 

Socialism is antithetical to Christianity.  Socialism cannot exist in harmony with Christianity.  Socialism, in its various mutations such as environmentalism, is the secular religion of the urban atheist.  Socialism works to make sure it is the only moral arbiter in the world.  Strange isn't it that the foundation for all modern socialist movements is the rejection of any moral foundation.  Socialism has no moral foundation. The only stable moral foundation the world has ever known is based on Judaic/Christian principles….and socialists hate that because those principles focus on the individual.  Socialism will accept any new philosophical flavor of the day if it will garner them the power and control they want.
Historically socialism has been a failure everywhere in the world it has been tried.  Socialists believe they can 'impose' paradise on humanity as a result the premise of their philosophy is flawed.  If their foundation is flawed why would we believe any structure they create can stand the test of time?  It hasn't in the past and there is no reason to believe it will withstand any future tests.  They undermine us with our own values and then destroy everything in their path to dominance; that's history.  
That leaves one to wonder if those who pursue this insane course are ignorant, stupid, insane or all three. 


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