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Monday, April 29, 2013

Will You Look At Us Now!

By Rich Kozlovich

When this whole Global Warming thing broke so many years ago I was on the right side from the very beginning.  So how could a bug man be on the right side of this issue without any degree, science or otherwise, without any practical experience in climate or even weather; other than recognizing no one can predict it accurately; be ‘right’ on this?  That was easy as pie. 

First of all the greenies were all hot to promote it.  That in itself is enough justification for having serious doubts.  Secondly everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality.  And thirdly, everything has an historical foundation and what we are being told should be in harmony with that history, and Anthropogenic Global Warming failed in all categories. 

The warming wasn’t unique, nor was it serious.  It was clear that CO2 had nothing to do with the little warming that did occur and it was also known that the ice core records showed that increases in CO2 in the past followed the warming periods.  The increase did not precede it.  Therefore historically CO2 had nothing to do with the Medieval and Roman warming periods.  So why then should we have believed it had anything to do with warming., or cooling for that matter, now.  The answer is we shouldn't have. 

One thing that always disturbs are ‘experts’, who profess to be scientists, yet refuse to allow valid peer review of their work, as did those who produced the Hockey Stick Graph.  They claimed that they didn’t want anyone to tear their work apart after all those years working on it.  Hogwash…..that is what peer review is supposed to do and every scientist in the world knows this.  But they took government money and they were forced to turn everything over to those who demonstrated why they really didn't want to have their work torn apart.  It was junk science that look startlingly like fraudulent science.  There is no one who has been able to explain how they could have made such 'errors' and not been aware of it. 

I posted a number of articles today demonstrating the total destruction the warmist’s mantras.  “The science is settled” is openly dismissed as a  Prof Warns Mini Ice Age has Started, members of the media are calling the politicians out on this;  The mercury is falling, but our MPs are full of hot air , and it appears that consensus no longer exists among scientists since Solar Variability and Terrestrial Climate shows the sun and not CO2 is behind the major historically proven warming and cooling episodes in the Earth’s history;  and what we are seeing is diametrically opposed to what they claimed would be happening with the “game boy” science they call “computer modeling”.  A freezing Russian spring has reignited the climate change debate and Cooling in the Arctic: what to expect?

Years ago I predicted these grant chasing ‘scientists’, who have sold their integrity for twelve pieces of silver, would reach the “Inevitability Factor”.  That’s when reality reaches its zenith!   I noted that there was going to be a penalty to be paid to their careers and reputations.  We are there now, and if it wasn’t for government grant money and political posturing they would be done.   

As for those of us who were called Luddites, Flat Earthers, and worse, because we disagreed with the media, academia, politicians, greenies - and for a long while the generally public regarding this worldwide fraud called Anthropogenic Global Warming - will you look at us now? A little schadenfreude goes a long way. 

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