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Monday, April 29, 2013

A freezing Russian spring has reignited the climate change debate

 Vladimir Radyuhin

March in Russia saw the harshest frosts in 50 years, with temperatures dropping to –25° Celsius in central parts of the country and –45° in the north. It was the coldest spring month in Moscow in half a century.   The freezing spring followed a severe winter when temperatures did not rise above –19° for 15 days in a row in Moscow. The region had double the usual amount of snow, more than three metres. As of end March, the snow depth was still 70 centimetres, the highest in more than 20 years. Two-metre deep snow covered by ice crust led to the death of many wild animals in Russia’s Far East.
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Winter started to give ground grudgingly in April but halfway through the spring, the fields in much of Russia are still blanketed in snow. Weathermen say spring is a full month behind schedule in Russia causing migrating birds to delay their return to Russia from the south….To Read More….  

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