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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gun Control Isn’t About Gun

Written on Friday, April 26, 2013 by Warren B. Causey
I had an e-mail exchange with a writer friend recently in which he was promoting gun control. I responded to him saying: “I’m afraid you are conflating two different things, a ‘peaceful society’ and gun ownership. The two do not equate on either side of the argument. The problem with our society is not guns; it is people, the degeneration of the society and the left-wing politicians who have promoted that degeneration.
People wonder why we have mass killings like the one in Connecticut or Aurora. Allow me to draw some inferences. When I was a child, we didn’t lock our doors and you left the keys in your car in the driveway for convenience. Your community was that safe despite the fact that most people kept guns in their homes for hunting and self-protection—their right under the Constitution. Incidents like Connecticut or Aurora were very, very rare. Since then:
• We had the “hippie” rebellion against authority;
• We had the drug revolution, drugs run rampant in our streets rendering those who partake devoid of common sense;
(Follow the link for the rest).......
Leftist politicians and so-called “modernists, liberals, Democrats and free-thinkers” need to look in the mirror. The causes of the Aurora and Connecticut shootings are all there. Our society is decadent, violent and declining rapidly and they are responsible. There are lots of bad guys out there, everywhere....To Read More...

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