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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Post Boston Bombing: Is More ‘Religion Bashing’ on the Way?

By Wes Walker / 26 April 2013 / 6 Comments
Here we go again. The last time we found ourselves in this situation, four major figures (and a host of lesser ones) leveraged a crisis into a movement that threw religious belief of every stripe under the proverbial bus. “New Atheism’s” Hitchens, Dawkins and co., famously took it upon themselves to discredit and demonize religious belief of every kind. (It’s only coincidence, surely, that such polemics were very, very lucrative.) With Boston, and now Canada’s al-Qaeda arrests, should we expect more of the same?
On the other hand, much to his credit, Bill Maher has disagreed. It didn’t gain him any applause from the Left, but he publicly denounced as “Liberal bullsh-t” the claim that “all religions are equally bad”.  So, let’s do three things. First, a contrast between Islam, and Evangelical Christianity, testing whether they are the same. Second, compare radical Islam with another belief system. And Third, propose a better way of looking at this issue…..To Read More…..

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