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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Post Boston Bombing, Barney “Frank”ly Speaks — and Does Us All a Favor

By Steve Pauwels 25 April 2013
For that teeny-weeny faction of sentient conservatives tempted to romanticize the now-expired congressional tenure of Barney Frank, I have some good news: His recent reflections on the Boston Marathon terror-bombing obnoxiously remind us why we shouldn’t be anything less than euphoric that the former Massachusetts representative has retired from political life. 
Less than one day after the Bean Town horror, Frank head-scratchingly volunteered to CNN, ” It is very fashionable in America … to criticize government, to belittle public employees, talk about their pensions, talk about what people think is their excessive health care —  here we saw government in two ways perform very well … I never was, as a member of Congress, one of the cheerleaders for less government, lower taxes. No tax cut would have helped us deal with this or will help us recover.”
The sixteen-term congressman’s post-bombing analysis is the kind of Crayola-level reasoning he and his cronies regularly ascribe to Neanderthal “right-wingers“. It prompts a question: Has the openly homosexual Frank’s advocacy of sodomy corroded his ability to think clearly on other matters, as well?...To Read More….


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