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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zone of Reality: Castro Notes

This appeared on March 18, 2009.

AIG Exec Digs Che Guevara?
By Humberto Fontova

The gentleman second from the right in the picture below, Gerry Pasciucco, heads the AIG Financial Products unit. "We learned over the weekend," reads a letter dated March 17 from New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to Rep. Barney Frank, that AIG had, last Friday, distributed more than $160 million in retention payments (bonuses) to members of its Financial Products Subsidiary, the unit of AIG that was principally responsible for the firm's meltdown."…. Alas, Cuba's commies outdid AIG execs by taking their "bonuses" in advance. In 1960 Castro appointed the argentine Che as Cuba's "Minister of Economics." Within months the Cuban peso, a currency historically equal to the U.S. dollar and fully backed by Cuba's gold reserves, was practically worthless. The following year Castro appointed Che as Cuba's "Minister of Industries." Within a year a nation that previously had higher per capita income than Austria and Japan, a huge influx of immigrants and the 3rd highest protein consumption in the hemisphere was rationing food, closing factories, and hemorraghing hundreds of thousands of its most productive citizens from every sector of its society, all who were grateful to leave with only the clothes on their back...


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