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Saturday, April 21, 2012

This One Should Stand Alone!

By Rich Kozlovich

During this past week I linked this article with a bunch of others under the heading called Prison Planet Posts.However, with the news constantly hammering the Secret Service and the Government Services Administration (who employs about 12000 federal workers and has an annual operating budget of roughly $26 billion mostly wasted dollars, overseeing $66 billion of government owned property....much of it lying vacant or unused for many years) about their antics this article kept coming back into my mind. I decided this one was too good to be a part of a pack. This one deserves to stand alone. Two more points. If the 16th amendment didn't exist could this situation exist? If the 17th amendment was repealed would this change? the way. I deliberately didn't attach a link to either of these amendments. This is a wonderful opportunity for enlightenment.

Chimps Throwing Poop And 29 Other Mind Blowing Ways That The Government Is Wasting Your Money
The Economic Collapse

Why do chimpanzees throw poop? The federal government would like to know and is using your tax dollars to investigate the matter. Every single year, we all send huge amounts of our hard-earned money to the federal government. We hope that they will spend that money wisely. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case. You are about to read some examples of how the government is wasting your money that are absolutely mind blowing. Anyone that claims that there is not a lot of waste that can be cut out of the federal budget is lying to you. Our politicians have racked up the biggest pile of debt in the history of the world and they are spending our money on some of the stupidest things imaginable. It is imperative that the American people be educated about all of this outrageous government waste, because right now the political will to change this corrupt system is simply not there among the current crop of politicians in Washington. We are stealing trillions of dollars from future generations and many of the things that our politicians are wasting that money on are almost too bizarre to believe......


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