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Monday, April 23, 2012

Where Are the Bodies? There Weren't Any!

By Rich Kozlovich

For some time Steve Milloy of has been adamadantly asking the EPA to 'show us the bodies' in their claim that they save tens of thousands of lives every year with their "high-cost-for-imaginary benefit programs covering emissions of greenhouse gases, mercury, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides". 

For some reason they would never show them.  Naturally the next step is an emotional public relations campaign by people like the Environmental Defense Fund who ran "a billboard and TV ad campaign accusing American Electric Power (AEP)and, by extension, anyone else that opposes EPA overregulation, of pushing a “dirty air bill” that will kill 17,000 people per year in the name of “polluter profits.”

These statements are like the flu; infectious.  Eileen Censullo, president of the Pennsylvania Society for Respiratory Care, wrote in “Reduction in mercury emissions long overdue” that "Every day, respiratory therapists see firsthand how poor air quality impacts their patients. Members of the Pennsylvania Society for Respiratory Care work directly with patients living with chronic respiratory diseases that require ongoing treatment and at times, intensive care and therapy. Pollutants like the ones emitted by coal-fired power plants (mercury, benzene, formaldehyde, acid gases and more) can make even the healthiest person ill. For respiratory patients, breathing these air toxins greatly exacerbates their disease symptoms while also increasing their need for emergency medical care…"

Milloy once again stated what should have been obvious to the most casual observer; "[She] ought to be able to show us someone whose health has been harmed by ambient air quality. Show us one, Eileen." Steve was still waiting; until now....and now we know why. They don't have any!

EPA human experiments debunk notion of ‘killer’ air pollution: Agency hides exculpatory
By Steve Milloy

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has conducted air pollution experiments on live human subjects that discredit its claims that fine particulate matter kills people. obtained the explosive and heretofore undisclosed results through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and reveal them here for the first time.


Last September, broke the news that EPA researchers had reported in Environmental Health Perspectives the case study of a woman who allegedly suffered atrial fibrillation after being exposed to concentrated airborne fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in an experimental setting. After disposing of the EPA’s effort to link the woman’s atrial fibrillation with her exposure to PM2.5, we commented:
It’s also worth asking whether this is the only study subject that the EPA has studied. Are there others? What were their results? Do we only get to hear about the one result that could possibly be twisted to fit the EPA agenda?

To answer this question, we filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the agency to see if we could get answers those questions.

Result and Analysis of the FOIA Request.


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